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My name is Clint Fix. I am 29 years old and I currently reside in Colorado Springs, CO, with my beautiful wife Kaitlyn and our precious daughter Chloe and son Jackson. I was born and raised in Grand Junction, CO. At 17 I decided to push the limits of my comfort zone by moving out of state to attend Kettering University in Flint, MI to study mechanical engineering. It was there, in my junior year, that through a friend of a friend I happened to be introduced to a community of folks that would drastically change my trajectory in life. Never in my life had I met people so genuinely interested in helping me be the best person I could be for my own sake. I am extremely grateful for the friendships that have been forged through that community. I can only hope that others see and experience what I have with the community called Bonvera. This blog is really just an outlet of mine to discuss topics that I find interesting. You’ll notice that I talk a lot about Bonvera and it’s not by mistake. I have been tremendously blessed by the friendships I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had that I can’t help but talk about them. If there’s ever anything you want me to post on, leave a comment below and let me know. I appreciate you visiting and I hope you come back!

The words below, penned by Chris Brady, really struck a cord with me. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you:

I was born free and I intend to live like it.
This means that I will live my life while I’m alive.
No one owns me except my Creator.
No one can put me in a box, a category, a social group, a voting block, or a classification.
I am fiercely independent, and for those aligned in common purpose, interdependent.
I know that with my freedom comes responsibility.
I take responsibility for my own actions, and I hold the bar high on myself.
I am not afraid to struggle, because it’s the struggle that makes me great.
I know that excellence always lies on the other side of inconvenience.
I am a learning machine. I read, I confront brutal reality, I grow.
Long term, no one and nothing can defeat me, because I will keep coming back, stronger and better than before.
I will educate myself about the true principles of freedom, and I will strive mightily to preserve freedom for the next generation.
I rely on no man and no government to provide for me.
I will not follow the herd of mediocrity and victim-thinking.
I don’t follow herds, instead I run with a pack – a pack of Rascals.
Let others bask in their privileges, as for me, I will invest them in my purpose.
I will defy description.
I will charge the hill.
I will make a difference.
I’m a Rascal!

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