Is Bonvera like [insert company name]?

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Is Bonvera like [insert company name]?

Lemme splain…
First, some people have asked if Bonvera is like those discount shopping clubs where they get rebates or discounts and sometimes money for referring other people. Companies like Groupon.The answer is no. Bonvera is different for a few reasons. One, it’s not just a coupon/discount website. Will get you competitive prices on products? Yes. Will you get discounts for shopping through other websites. Yes. But that’s where the similarities end. Bonvera is unique in that it not only shares money back for sales that result from referrals that shop through the site for their first time (based on products sold), but it also continues to share profit back to the referrer every time sales are made. In other words, Bonvera allows individuals to get paid forever on the marketshare that they help build for the company. Not only is it a great way to earn extra income, but build it long enough to build massive marketshare and you can make significant income.

Second, some people have asked if it’s like some other product company that operates in the network marketing / MLM profession.
Again, the answer is that Bonvera has pretty much NOTHING in common with any other company in network marketing.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Bonvera is NOT selling high-priced proprietary goods. They do carry private label goods such as their Phyzix brand, but the pricing is in line with existing products in the same categories. Just like a store brand/private label good should be. Almost every big box store has store brand goods. Bonvera chose to have some as well.
  • Bonvera sells NAME BRAND goods at competitive prices. These products are literally the same brands that you would buy from Walmart, Amazon, Costco, etc. There is not a single other company that sells name brand goods through a network like Bonvera does. Most other things require you to have to educate and sell the potential customer on why your product is better. In Bonvera, you would simply ask them if they want to switch which store they buy through for stuff they are already buying.
  • Bonvera has partner stores. Partner stores are other e-commerce companies that have made proprietary deals with Bonvera to bring them traffic/sales in exchange for lower prices and/or profit sharing back to the Bonvera associates. Again, this hasn’t been done by other companies on the scale that it has been done with Bonvera.
  • Bonvera’s compensation plan is completely unique. It pulls bits and pieces from various style plans and puts them together in a type of hybrid plan. It is unique in that it is a depth focused plan, not width, yet still always finds the performer and makes sure they get paid – not someone that is just sitting there and got in earlier. The comp plan shares zero similarities to companies you may have in your mind. <- yes, I can say this with confidence even though I don’t know exactly what company you have in your mind. It’s a completely unique plan.
  • Bonvera’s corporate governance is completely unique as well. See the Independent Community Advisory Association website for details:

Here’s what I’m going to leave you with: if Bonvera sounded pretty cool when you first heard about it, dig in to it and you’ll find that everything posted above is true, plus some. Bonvera is incomparable. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

For further research and detail, check out this excellent, in-depth review of Bonvera. It goes over the products, pricing, and has a full, very detailed, compensation plan review.

Is Bonvera like [insert company name]?

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    It doesn’t seem to make any sense. Bonvera can’t be getting items at lower cost than Costco or Amazon or WalMart, so in order to pay their associates, they would have to mark up prices way up above what you would pay at any of these other stores that have far better buying power.

    1. You must not have attended an introduction meeting to Bonvera. They clearly explain how they’re able to have competitive pricing and still have enough margin to pay their associates well.

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