Does Science Disprove God?

“Is evolution really true?”, “Could all of this have really happened by chance?”, “If it did happen by chance, is there any purpose or meaning in life?”, and many other questions marked the beginning of my journey to putting my faith into Christ.  Thankfully, in college, one of my fraternity brothers had the courage to hand me a book from Lee Strobel – The Case for a Creator. Being an engineer, I figured that if God is real and the Bible is true, there must be evidence to prove it. While that book didn’t answer all of my questions, it was a very important starting point for me. Recently my church, Woodmen Valley Chapel, started a series called, “Think Again – Truth, Doubt, and Questions that Matter.” It has been digging into many major questions like those I listed earlier. All of the sermons in the series are available online as a video or .mp3. Check them out here: Woodmen Valley Chapel.

As part of the Think Again series we had the privilege of having Lee Strobel in to speak live on the topic, “Does Science Disprove God?” In this talk he boils down many of the important parts of his book, The Case for a Creator, into an engaging, 1-hour journey into the universe and how it was created by God. Watch it below:

If you have more questions, there are many, many resources that can be helpful. Leave a comment below and I can point you to the resources that answered my questions to the satisfaction of a very detailed oriented engineer.

Remember, as my friend and mentor Tim Marks says, “Know why you believe what you believe!

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Does Science Disprove God?