My Experience with LIFE’s Mental Fitness Challenge

I decided to do a detailed review of the Mental Fitness Challenge put out by LIFE.

I’ll highlight each part of the MFC (in no particular order) and give my thoughts. If you’re taking the Mental Fitness Challenge, I’d love to hear your feedback on it so far. As I get feedback, I’ll incorporate it into my review.

The Mental Fitness Challenge is a success system designed around the 13 Resolutions as laid out in Orrin Woodward’s book, Resolved – 13 Resolutions for LIFE. The 13 resolutions, broken down into three categories are,

Private Achievements

1. I resolve to discover my God-given purpose.

2. I resolved to choose character over reputation anytime they conflict.

3. I resolve to have an attitude of gratitude.

4. I resolve to align my conscious (ant) with my subconscious (elephant) mind towards my vision.

Public Achievements

5. I resolve to develop and implement a game plan in each area of my life.

6. I resolve to keep score in the game of life.

7. I resolve to develop the art and science of friendship.

8. I resolve to develop financial intelligence.

Leadership Achievements

9. I resolve to develop the art and science of leadership.

10. I resolve to develop the art and science of conflict resolution.

11. I resolve to develop systems thinking.

12. I resolve to develop Adversity Quotient.

13. I resolve to leave a legacy by fulfilling my purpose and vision through living the 13 Resolutions.

Each week focus is put on one of the resolutions starting with the first and finally making it through all 13. Check out my review of Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE.

The Components of the Mental Fitness Challenge

Self-Assessment Test

The self-assessment test included in the MFC is composed of 130 questions (10 for each resolution) in random order where you rank yourself between 1 and 10 (10 – totally describes me, 1 – doesn’t describe me at all). The results are then plotted on a circular graph. An anonymous test result is shown below:

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My Experience with LIFE’s Mental Fitness Challenge

Orrin Woodward – Among the Best of the Best in Leadership on Twitter

Leadership coaching (or what some call self-help or personal development) is one of the fastest growing industries in our economy. Even though it is already a behemoth of an industry with estimates placing it in the multi-billion dollar a year range, it is expected to continue growing at a pace topping 6% annually. People are looking for an edge in these tough economic times and many are finding what they’re looking for in this industry. Who are some of the top producers and leaders in the field? Of course you have your well known contributors like John Maxwell and Steven Covey, but there are many up-and-coming people in the field that are making some radical changes in the way business is done and the fanfare they’re receiving is a testament to their ideas.

Today, I pulled an updated list from the Twitter directory WeFollow that lists out the top people on Twitter in the area of Leadership. Since Twitter grows followers organically, I find it as a great barometer for who’s actually reaching people and making a difference. Here are some screenshots of the results:

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Orrin Woodward – Among the Best of the Best in Leadership on Twitter

Review: The Lens Effect by Orrin Woodward

The lens through which you view the world has a massive impact on the level of success you will achieve. Orrin Woodward, who recently won the Top Leadership Website of 2011 from the Independent Association of Businesses, dissects this idea in detail on a recent LIFE business CD from the Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) series called, “The Lens Effect.” I love listening to the LLR series CDs because they always challenge my thinking and inspire me to grow personally and professionally.

Orrin describes four different lenses through which people choose to see life. The first is the Victim Lens. Someone who piers through the victim lens will usually comment on their results in life with statements like, “no one’s helping me,” or “If I had that then I could be successful too'” or “if only this or that didn’t happen to me,” etc. The victim will always blame and pass off responsibility for their results in life to an outside force, surrendering all power to change as a result.

The next lens, the Follower Lens, while better than the victim lens, will still usually keep people back from the greatness that lies within them. The follower always wants to fit in. They go the way that the crowd goes, inevitably getting the same results as the crowd. If you want something different than what the average person gets, you’ll have to do something that the average person isn’t doing.

The third lens is the Performer Lens. This lens is much better than the first two, but still comes with its downfalls. The performer lives by the mantra, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” They will get the work done. Unfortunately the performer is always thinking, “Whatever it takes, I will do it!” They may do some great work, but it will rarely make a large impact or leave a legacy.

To leave a legacy and make a large impact, the fourth lens, a Leadership Lens, is required. The leader doesn’t think in terms of I or me, but in terms of we and us. Leaders understand that it will take a team of interdependent people, not just themselves to make a lasting difference.

Everybody has the ability to choose which lens they wear. Changing your lens requires a few areas of internal change first. Orrin describes the three changes necessary to develop a leadership lens in a way that I could never do in a review here. Make sure to grab the CD and study it! It will help you grow into the leader that you’re meant to be!

God Bless,


P.S.: Check out my review of Orrin Woodward’s incredible new book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE

Review: The Lens Effect by Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward – Resolved to Make a Difference in Life

Orrin Woodward knocked the ball out of the park with his most recent book, RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE.  I picked it up with high expectations stemming from him and Chris Brady‘s New York Times best selling book, Launching a Leadership Revolution, and to put it simply: this is Orrin’s best work yet. Edit 5/7/2012: Now it’s available as part of a Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC). The MFC walks you through each of the 13 resolutions step by step, gives you a self-assessment test to see how you are doing in each of the resolutions and gets you connected to a community of people through Challenge Groups that will encourage you and become your accountability partners along the journey. This is the most powerful self-development program I’ve ever seen. Check out some testimonials of people that have gone through it: Mental Fitness Challenge Testimonials.

I am definitely not alone in the praise for RESOLVED. Oliver DeMille, founder of George Wythe University and author of A Thomas Jefferson Education recently added RESOLVED to his top 5 reading list for the holiday break saying, “If you are going to get one book for the holidays, this is it. I have never read a better book on leadership than this one.”  I definitely agree and the timing of its release couldn’t be more perfect.

I have to warn you, though. Orrin did not write RESOLVED as a feel good leadership book. It is a book that sets the bar for character based leadership and as such, it will hurt to read. It will reveal your inadequacies. Fortunately, it doesn’t just leave you hanging without a plan for growth and change. Orrin clearly lays out 13 resolutions garnered from leaders like George Washington, Jonathan Edwards, and Benjamin Franklin that, if followed, will develop the character and work ethic needed to succeed in nearly any area of life.

I can’t think of a better book to read as we approach the new year. Many people are starting to think about what they want to accomplish next year. They are coming up with their new years resolutions. My recommendation would be to read RESOLVED, and start the new year off right with a set of resolutions that will change your life forever.

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God Bless,

Clint Fix

Orrin Woodward – Resolved to Make a Difference in Life