Casting a Compelling Vision – The Key to Building Your Dream Team

You will not achieve your dreams or vision by yourself. To achieve big dreams and significant goals you will have to assemble a team of people that encourage, inspire, and provide honest, constructive criticism. You may think that just because you have a big dream and that it is worthy that people will line up to be a part of it, but this isn’t how it works. You will have to master the skill of casting your vision and transferring that vision to others. The obvious prerequisite to casting a vision is that you have to have one yourself! To convince others of the significance of your dream and vision, YOU have to be convinced of the significance of it.

For those of you that are convicted of your dream, you will need to learn the skills of casting that vision. John Maxwell in his book, Put Your Dream to the Test, tells us that to get others to connect with your vision that you’ll have to do it logically, emotionally and visually.

1. Transferring your vision Logically:

The ability to communicate your dream logically is the first step in gaining credibility. There are two things needed to pass the first gate of people’s intellect:

First, you need to communicate a realistic understanding of the situation today. Maxwell says,

Every time you communicate your vision to people, the first thing the skeptics ask is, ‘But what about…?’ If they don’t ask it out loud, they say it to themselves. And they will keep asking it until you have addressed all of their concerns. You need to demonstrate that you understand the situation at least as well as they do. That requires being extremely thorough when sharing your dream and not dwelling on its positive benefits to the exclusion of the facts.

Second, you need to provide a solid strategy for achieving the vision. A good strategy always breaks the long term vision down into manageable parts; each given to what Maxwell calls, ‘Individual Champions;’ or the best people for the job.

There is fine line to walk when communicating your vision logically. You don’t want to get bogged down in the details or bore people. You need to give enough information to satisfy most people, but not so much that you lose them. This skill takes practice and if you want your goals and dreams, it is a required.

2. Transferring your vision Emotionally:

To get someone to connect to your vision and dream, you have to connect to them emotionally. What people don’t feel, they don’t buy into. There are three ingredients to an emotional connection:

First, show them the dream from their perspective. People will always want to know “what’s in it for me?” If you want to win people over to your dreams, you need to speak in the language of their interestes, not your own.

Second, show them your heart. Maxwell tells us,

People buy into the dreamer before they buy into the dream. To transfer the dream emotionally, you need to let people see your heart and your hope. Sharing your heart tells your story. Sharing your hope tells the story of your dream and how it will impact the future.

Third, show them the benefits. You have to provide them with every reason for joining you.

You need to help them connect with the opportunities for achieving personal growth, finding fulfillment, and increasing their self-esteem. …If you can’t offer plenty of legitimate reasons about why they should be involved, then you have no business trying to recruit them to your team in the first place.

3. Transferring your vision Visually:

You need to bring your dream to life. What people don’t see, they won’t buy into.

We can do that by painting verbal pictures. We can do it by using photographs or film. We can use music. But the most compelling picture is our living what we are trying to communicate.  If we live our dream, practice integrity, achieve a degree of success, people see what the dream has done for us, and that makes them want it too. If you do everything within your power to live your dream, you become a living advertisement for it.”

Being sold out to your own dream and vision of the future is critical for your success in transferring that feeling to others when building your dream team. Maxwell’s book will help you clarify and strengthen your dream. If you want to make a significant difference, make sure to pick it up.

If you want to engage in material like Maxwell’s book that will constantly stretch you personally and professionally in areas of faith, relationships, finances, business, history, freedom, economics or fitness, check out the Mental Fitness Challenge. It’s like P90X for your brain. We need to raise a generation of leaders that have big dreams and want to make a positive impact in this world.

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God Bless,

Clint Fix

Casting a Compelling Vision – The Key to Building Your Dream Team